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Absorbent Pad
Microlab Scientific’s absorbent Pad consists of disks of filter paper or other material known to be of high quality and free of sulfites or other substances that could inhibit bacterial growth. 0.8mm thick absorbentpads are made of cellulose. Wetted with liquid culture medium before a membrane filter is placed on them.
Microlab Scientific’s absorbent pads are ideal for culturing micro-organisms on either agar or broth based media. Designed to accommodate 47 mm diameter membrane filters. These dishes are stackable and have squared off edges on both the top and bottom which provide convenient grips for one handed opening. The snug fitting top ensures that neither the absorbent pad nor the agar media will dry out during incubation. A frosted area on top of lid permits labeling.
•    Sample pad
•    Reaction matrices
•    Absorbent sink
•    Sample reservoir
•    Membrane supports

Ordering information
Cata No. Description Package(pcs/pk)
AP047N Non-sterile  Absorbent Pad, 47mm, White 100pcs/pk
AP047S Sterile Absorbent Pad, 47mm, White, individually Packed 100pcs/pk

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