1. Lab Filtration

EasyFil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf      Biofil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf                Chromfil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf                                                                             

Microfil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf      Microlab Sterile Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf        DLLFil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf         

GDXFil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue.pdf    Bestfil™ Syringe Filter Catalogue(1).pdf             Microlab Capsule Filter Catalogue.pdf

2. HPLC Accessories
Microlab Sample Vials Catalogue.pdf         SPE Columns Catalogue.pdf

3. Labware


Microlab Centrifuge Tubes Catalogue.pdf     Microlab Serological Pipette Catalogue.pdf   Microlab Microbiological Filter Monitor.pdf

Microlab Pasteur Pipette Catalogue.pdf          Microlab Pipette Tips Catalogue.pdf               Microlab Sterile Gridded MCE Membrane Filter Catalogue.pdf          

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syringe filters, chromatography vials, SPE and biotechnology products are produced according to ISO9001 standard system.  Sitemap